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211 West 56th Street

At Hooters, we strategically sat next to the waitress stand. 

It was like being backstage at a Victoria's Secret show. As models prepare to take their walk down the runway, we witnessed all the activity and all the girls passing right by our table. We were assigned two waitresses, which meant lots of service and quick beer orders.

This was too good to be true, so we gave Dick Wertel a call on the cell phone just to make sure that we hadn't died and gone to heaven.

But in our advanced state of inebriation it also lead to confusion on Greg's part. At this point, all the orange shorts and tiny T-shirts were starting to look the same to Greg. 

Chicken wings were recommended by the friendly staff and ordered, then more were ordered, and when the bar was closing so we got yet another order just to keep the girls busy. 

Alas, Hooters finally reached its closing time, and all we could do was grab a parting shot with the calendar girls cut-out.

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a bar full of Hooters girls and this is the photo we take?


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Updated September 13, 2014
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