Le Bar Bat
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AcessMaps.com: Map of Manhattan

lebarbat.com:  See what Mathu & Steiny missed.

Le Bar Bat
311 West 57th St.

We have to admit to having fuzzy memories after this point, but here are the tidbits we have been able to piece together.

We decided to go out some more, this time targeting Le Bar Bat right next door to Steiny's apartment.  For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, Le Bar Bat is French for The Bat Bar.  All the way down the elevator we were making Batman & Robin references -- stuff like "To the bat bar!"

It's hard to get a bar much closer than this one was to Greg's apartment.  Check out the map here.

Those bastards at Le Bar Bat had a rule against sneakers. I think if we had changed our shoes, they would have found something else wrong with us and kept us out no matter what.

No problem.  There was a bar half a block down the street...

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New York at night



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Updated September 13, 2014
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