Acme Bar
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Acme Bar and Grill
9 Great Jones Street

It wasn't long before we were sidetracked by a large sign that read:


Never being ones to turn down an invitation like that, we crossed the street and entered the Acme Bar.

It was actually more of a southern cooking restaurant, but there was a bar in the back.  So Greg & I were able to settle in a couple bar stools and make ourselves at home.  The place had a kitschy theme to it, kind of overdone in my opinion.  We had a beer or two, served by the a strange tattooed woman.  But what the Hell, we were in NYC, we weren't going to let that bother us.

We sat around and talked about this and that .. religion, and Steiny's plans to open a bar.  Staying at Acme would have been no disappointment to us, but variety is the spice of New York and the night was still young.  So on we went

Just before we left I noticed that the list of beers on the wall had PBR on it; I may have to get back to this place someday to see if its really true.

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ACME Bar - Wile E. Coyote's favorite?



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