Swift Hibernian Lounge
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Swift Hibernian Lounge
34 E. 4th Street

The Swift was a good place.  First of all we got in the place, which was a step up from waiting in line at McSorley's.  We quickly got some beers and settled into a table in the back room.

Oh, by the way, "Hibernian" means Irish in Latin.  There will be more on foreign languages when we talk about French bats later on.

This place was pretty neat!  An Irish theme -- much thanks to our "mystery friends" who invited to go to the bar with them.  The back room had bunch of tables, with an old church pulpit that served as a DJ booth.  About 6 PM or so, they turned down the lights and lit a lot of candles... that was different.

We had several lots of beers at this place.  I wish I remember all the different ones we had, but the events of later in the evening would obscure that.  I recall putting down a few Guinness, and then the special "house brew."  

We picked up some match books, thinking that collecting them from each bar would be neat.  They were the only ones we got.  I guess we got side tracked.

Knowing that Deb and her aunts would be done with dinner soon, we headed out into the Manhattan dusk in the general direction of the nearest subway stop...

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time for another round at Swifts!



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Updated September 13, 2014
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