Arthur's Tavern
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Arthur's Tavern
57 Grove Street

If you have been following along with the map links on the bar addresses above, you'll see that our stops were becoming closer and closer together.  Obviously we were losing focus of trying to find a subway station, and focusing more on a new target: MORE BEER.

We came across a building on a nearby street that said Arthur's Tavern on it, so we decided it was worth a visit.  And guess what?  There was a tavern inside.

Despite the fact that the sign hanging from the canopy advertised Jazz and Blues (neither of us is a giant fan of that genre of music), we decided to stop in and have a Sam Adams at the joint.

There was a sign on the door proclaiming that the great Jazz musician Al Bundy played here in 1982.  Being more of a Married With Children fan than a Jazz fan, we found the sign amusing.

There was a piano bar at the back, with a three-piece combo playing some Jazz.  The bar was packed, so we decided to hang out along the wall and watched them play.

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Arthur's Tavern



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