Subway Ride
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Subway Ride

We made it to another subway station, and unlike the earlier attempt, we actaully used our tokens to get on the train, not just make friends at the station and get bar recommendations.

If you think we had a hard time on the subway when we first started out, imaging what it is like trying to read subway maps after a dozen or more beers and not even knowing where we are on the map.

After getting a bit too boisterous on the subway car, we thought it would be in everybody's best interest if we imposed self-banishment into the steerage section of the train.  So we headed out onto a platform between cars.


What a trip!  Those subway cars really move!  There was about 18" clearance above the train, with an occasional 12" clearance from overhead beams or pipes just to make the trip dangerous.

We got plenty of strange looks from riders who were safely riding in the "first class" sections.  I think we passed a homeless community in one of the side tunnels as we whizzed by.

Only on a subway trip the next morning did we notice the signs clearly indicating riding between the cars was not allowed and punishable by fine. Oh yeah, the sign also claimed it was dangerous.  But no one had to tell me.  Karen's been reminding me about how foolish it was for weeks.

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full-speed on the subway!



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