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Alleys of Greenwich Village: A very unique part of NYC.

Chumley's (CitySearch): a 360 panoramic view from inside the bar!!!

86 Bedford Street

There was a subway station across the street from the Duplex, so we actually made it into a subway station this time.  While we were waiting for the train, we made friends with a woman waiting at the station.  We came very close to convincing her to join us on our bar quest, and it sounded like she really wanted to, but some type of commitment (nephew's birthday party, I kind of remember her having a present with her) kept her from joining us.  We asked her for ideas for a good place for pub food uptown.  She told us that if we wanted pub food, we should go to Chumley's, which was located right here.

Chumley's was the topic of a recent discussion on poker night, when we were trying to figure out where the term "86" came from.  Some thought it was a CB radio term, others thought Chumley's was a possible source: located at 86 Bedford Street, it was notorious for kicking people out.  We asked a few bar patrons who though that explanation was plausible, but didn't get any definite confirmation.

Chumleys has been a Greenwich Village institution for decades, first as a speakeasy and then as a legitimate drinking establishment.  I hear this place has secret entrances, but we just came right in the front door.

We had a beer at Chumleys.  And then another.  And another.  I remember drinking beers with dog names in them, like Labrador and Great Dane.  And lots of pictures of firemen on the walls.

Do you think we're done at Chumleys?  Hell no!  Read on for more.

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86 Bedford Street



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