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86 Bedford Street

The bar at Chumley's was crowded!  We gave Mike a call, jut to let him know we were at the infamous "86 bar."

Then we decided to get a bite to eat, so we got a table up front.  We sat next to an interesting couple (she was an art studio owner, I forgot what he did) and a drunken mumbling old man.  The Chumley's waitress told us if the drunken mumbling old man next to us was bothering us, she would toss him out. We figured why toss the drunken mumbling old man out when he drew attention away from our drunken ranting.  So we struck up a conversation with him instead.

This guy now graces Steiny's apartment.

The couple on the other side of us showed us that the tables under the table mats were very interesting, with lots of initials carved into the wood surface.  So we took our paper mats off to enjoy the view.  The interesting couple soon joined us.  We each got a table mat a a souvenir. 

Steiny's table mat from Chumley's later replaced some bad artwork at his corporate apartment.  Someone will probably get Mathu's as a Christmas gift this year.

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check out the "86" on the wall behind us



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