At the apartment
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New York City Beer Guide: Working for a tastier New York! A great guide.

Steiny's apartment
57th Street & 8th Ave.

Greg's friend Deb Mitchell from his Navy days was visiting, with whole bunch of her aunts.

We all visited in Greg's apartment for a while, chatting about all sorts of topics -- weather, New York City, my Hawaiian shirt.  We had Jimmy Buffet on the CD player and cold beer in the refrigerator; all was well.  Eventually they decided to go out for dinner.  Greg & I opted to head out on our own, to get a chance to catch up on the latest happenings in our lives.

Greg looked through a NYC bar guide and noticed McSorleys Old Ale House.  The allure of a bar that offered poor service and cranky bartenders was too much to let pass, so at 3:30 PM we hopped on a southbound subway train and began our adventure...

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Deb & her aunts



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