McSorley's Old Ale House
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Beer Travelers - Pub profile: McSorley's Old Ale House, New York City. The urinals of McSorley's Old Ale House McSorley's

McSorley's Old Ale House
15 E. 7th Street

...things didn't work out that smoothly.  

We were on a subway headed for Queens!  We quickly found our error and got on another train.  Before we knew it we were at the Fourth Street subway stop.  From there it was just a simple matter of walking east until we found the bar, right?  


Cooper Union and Cooper Square kind of mess things up.  We eventually made it, but not before we stopped and picked up a disposable camera to record the night's events.

McSorley's is the oldest bar in continuous operation in New York City.  It offers only two kinds of beer—McSorley's Light and McSorley's Dark.

So we finally get to the bar... and there's a line to get in the place!  So we get in line.  The owner/bouncer/whatever is out front deciding who gets to go in the place.  For every person waiting in line who gets in, he's letting two people who are just walking down the street in.  We surmised that we could not get into McSorleys due to having a group of 4 women ahead of us in line, having heard McSorleys was a men-only club until the 60's.  (Their motto was "Good ale, raw onions, and no women.")  

We were getting ticked off.  Not to mention thirsty.

Other people in line were getting ticked off too.  And they were thirsty too.

Before we ever made it into the bar, we ended up going with some people to the Swift Hibernian Lounge.

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