Barrow Street Ale House
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Pictures from Barrow Street: About a dozen photos from the bar.  The webmaster definitely needs a lesson on file compression.

Barrow Street Ale House
15 Barrow Street

We didn't get more than two or three blocks before we saw a neon beer sign.

I guess we must have thought there might be subway station inside, because it didn't take us long to decide to check it out.  We had to go down a few steps to get in this place.  

It had some good tunes on the juke box, and more Guinness on tap.  So decided to listen to the juke box and drink Guinness.  No one can accuse us of not knowing how to adapt to changing situations. 

It was at this place that we came up with the name for Steiny's bar: fu bar.  It also had pretty cool coasters with a squirrel pissing on burning tree stump.  The pissing squirrel even has a web site,, and a video game that involves the squirrel getting drunk and pissing on some flames to put them out.  It kind of reminded us of our youthful days of putting out fires at Shawano Lake.

Outside the Ale House another sign promised "beer and ale". At the time, we thought it was funny... we liked that they served all types. But little did we know what serving all types could mean... until later that evening.

But we needed to get to the subway station, so on we went...

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down the steps to the Barrow Street Ale House



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