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The Mathu Party Page wants to thank Rick Wolf for supplying the rules to Thumper. If you have a Bus Party™ game that you would like to add, e-mail me. Check out some of the other Bus Party™ Drinking And Gambling games.

Links to Thumper on the world wide web: - you can add your own rating from zero to ten.

WebTender - a great on-line guide.

Real Beer Page - their rules of the game.


"Thumper is a drinking game (what else?) that can be played by any number of people, but anywhere from five to ten is preferable. The set up and rules are quite simple. All it takes is a good memory, some quick hands, and a strong stomach.

"The set up for Thumper is to determine what sign will be designated for each person. The sign can consist of just about anything that can be achieved with your hands, arms, and head. Some examples are: grabbing your ear, giving a thumbs-up, or even flipping the bird--anything that uniquely identifies you is acceptable. To begin, go around the table and have each person designate themselves with their sign. It is up to the other players to remember each person's sign as well as their own. Play begins with all players "thumping" the table, their legs, or anything around that makes noise. ("Thumping" is the act of continually drumming with both hands or index fingers in sort of a drum roll.) A pre-determined players begins by giving his own sign, followed by the sign of another player. The players whose sign is given must respond by giving his own sign, followed by that of yet another player (or the starting person, if he so desires). Play continues with each chosen person giving his own sign and following it with the sign of another.

"The object of this nonsense, of course, is to drink as much as possible. Players who fail to recognize their own sign must drink. Players who don't respond with their sign in a reasonable amount of time must drink. By the same token, players who can't think of an opposing player's sign in a reasonable amount of time must drink. In short, any action (or lack thereof) that interrupts the flow of the game should require the offending player to drink. Afterward, play will resume with the offending player starting the proceedings. Naturally, the speed of the game will determine how difficult it will be for players to keep up. A good pace will heighten the difficulty.

"Don't allow players to be too comfortable with their signs. After several rounds, players may have too good of a handle on each sign and this may result in fewer errors. The players should all agree when it is time to start over with all brand new signs. This will keep the game fresh.

"Good luck and happy thumping."

- Rick Wolf (


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