Blow Ball
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Blow Ball on the Bus Party™

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A Blow Ball game from Chicago Bus Party™ III

Blow Ball

"Blow Ball is a fun drinking game that can be played by men and women. All you need to play is a Ping-Pong ball, an empty and dry table or tables, a bunch of people, and alcohol. Everyone should kneel or sit around the table or tables with their chins below the table. There should be enough people playing to cover all the edges and corners of the table. It's best to have so many people that everyone playing is shoulder to shoulder with the person next to them. If multiple tables are pushed together, there should be no holes that the Ping-Pong ball could fall through. Everyone should keep their drinks off of the table.

"Play begins by gently dropping the ball in the center of the table or tables. Everyone can then begin blowing at the Ping-Pong ball. If the ball rolls off the table, the person that was closest to the ball when it rolled off of the table has to drink. It can be just one sip. If the ball was an exact equal distance between two players, both players should drink.

"The person that lost gets to drop the ball in the center (serve) to start the game over again. The server must drop the ball in the center of the table. The server cannot bounce the ball towards another player. This behavior is cheating and the server will have to drink again. It is also cheating if a player allows their chin to raise above the edge of the table. This behavior is also punished by taking a drink. The ball can bounce off of a players face and is considered still in play.

"People who have asthma can play this game, but should be careful not to pass out. People with bad breath should not play this game. People that can't blow air out of their mouth without spitting should not play this game.

"After a few serves of Blow Ball, someone should shout "Rotate!" Everyone should rotate one position around the table. The rotation should be clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Rotating the players will give everyone an opportunity to defend a new part of the table.

"To add a new twist to the game, obstacles (like beer bottles) can be placed on the table.

"The game ends when the bus begins boarding for the next bar."

- Paul  Minch (


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