Bus Tire Roulette
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Gamblers beware! This game is for you. This particular game was added by a couple of my poker playing buddies, who "play the tires" every year.

Bus Tire Roulette

All you need is some chalk or a lumber crayon, and some gamblers. The game is played very much like roulette. The "pit" boss" (The Bus Party's official pit boss is Mike Mathu) finds out who is interested in gambling, and how much they are willing to bet at each bar. Based on this information the pit boss designates the monetary value of the wheels on the bus. The Bus Party typically runs $2.00 and $5.00 wheels, but any denomination will work.

The pit boss takes the chalk and partitions the bus tires into equal slices, based on the number of people who are in each particular pool. For example, the $2.00 wheel may be divided into 6 areas if six people are interested while the $5.00 wheel may only have three divisions if that's how many people are playing that wheel. Each person puts his or her initials in one segment of the wheel.

At each bar, the winner is the person whose segment winds up touching the ground when the bus is parked. The winner collects the amount of the bet from everyone else who is playing that particular tire.

Alternate Version

If you're not the gambling type, play Bus Tire Roulette in the manner described above but instead have the "low person on the wheel" buy the round at the next bar.

The "Wheel Of Death"

Here's a new twist to playing Bus Tire Roulette. A few friends came up with the idea while taking the Tavern Assault Vehicle on a road trip to Lambeau Field.

Wheel of Death requires two tires to play. Everyone puts his or her initials on tire #1, just like above. Tire #2 gets divided into partitions also, and a different drink (Jagermeister, Harvey Wallbanger, you name it...) gets written down in each segment of the tire.

When the bus comes to a stop at each bar, the Pit Boss goes out and checks what name on tire #1 and drink on tire #2 are touching the ground. The person on tire #1 has to buy a round of the drink on tire #2 for everyone playing the game.


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Updated September 13, 2014
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