Mexican Dice
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This dice game is rated the number one Bus Party drinking game by the Mathu Party Page.

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Mexican Dice

The game takes three or more players to be enjoyable, although in a pinch you can play it with only two. A big problem with this game is that you can't play with too many people, because the laws of statistics pretty much guarantee that you will wind up with some idiot who plays the game too slow, or right out doesn't pay attention when their turn is coming up. I figure about seven is the ideal number of people.

The rules follow your typical Mexican Dice Rules -- but, as I'm sure you know, there are a million variations on the game.

Bus Party's "House Rules"

Whenever the shake ends because someone is caught lying, the next shake goes right back at the person who just lost.

2-1 is a Mexican - Slam as much of the wapatui busbooze.htm as you possible can, and then a little more. The next shake starts over from scratch.

3-1 is a Social - Show the dice and everybody take a drink. Start from scratch with the next roll.

4-1 is a Reverse - Show the dice and the person you were shaking to gets to drink. Start from scratch with the next roll, but reverse the direction the dice were moving, i.e. shake back to the person who shook to you.

All this "no pointing," no swearing," etc. stuff is crap. No stupid rules like that.

"How do you play dice on a bus?" you might ask. Simple! We use a cigar box to hold the dice. Close the lid, shake the dice, open the lid -- easy as 1-2-3!


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