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Our Featured Page:

Wisegal's Crescent City Photo Album

A compilation of pictures taken during Halloween in New Orleans

A brand-new website from my friend Wendy Hanson!  Stop in, check out the pictures, leave a message in her guest book.  Check it out!
(Hey Wendy! Karen wants to know why you don't have any KC & The Sunshine Band pictures on your site!)

These are web pages which have linked to the Mathu Party Page.

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Party Page Links:

Alt.Drunken.Bastards Home Page
Gonzo has created a real gem here. Don't miss the quote pages!

Camp Gumby
Camp Gumby is always held on Memorial Day Weekend. It requires a commitment to three solid days and nights of partying.  No whining, or wimping out, or giving up after you puke or other crap that would deem you unworthy.

Christin's Wonderful Web World
A Kentucky Wildcat fan from Louisville with a passion for Cheap Trick.

Dave On Bass
"DAVE is the NIGEL TUFNEL of bass guitar..." - so says Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap fame. Actually, Dave plays in the band Road Trip, and has established a pretty good web site.

As it says on the web site "DeadPool Games is owned and run by a single guy with nothing better to do."  Check it out!

E.S.InterGalactic's Cyber Journal
A Suppository Of Random Thoughts.  It's Not Only Cheap, It's FREE!

Fetus' Home Page!
Fetus is a regular on alt.drunken.bastards.   He's based out of San Francisco, but he's traveled the country to drink with others!  We've hooked up for drinks in San Francisco and Chicago, and he has visited Milwaukee for a Bus Party™.

The Dregs of Alt.Drunken.Bastards
It's just the same as with any bottle of home brew or interesting concoction you mix up;  after you sucked out all the good stuff, there's always some odd bits left mucking about at the bottom.  The same can be said for news groups, as well; particularly alt.drunken.bastards.

The Mistress Wheetabix's Pile O' Piffle
Michelle's Block Rockin' Site.  This is a collection of a plethora of... tosh. And I know you'll love it, when it's all done, that is.

The Unofficial Milwaukee Summerfest Home Page
I was going to have an extensive Summerfest page here, but why bother? This page has it all.

Wild Boomer's Roadhouse Club
Motorcycles, Music, Partying. A little bit of Texas in Okinawa.

Here are some other good web sites you may want to check out.

Missing Links:

The Onion
The greatest newspaper in America
!The Onion, America's Finest News Source

Cream City Suds
The information source for beer, the word that made Milwaukee famous.

Bert is Evil!
Here in these pages are collected incriminating images and documents that prove that Sesame Street's Bert is not the lovable harmless geek he so successfully makes us think he is.

Dave's World
...ancestry, genealogy, and family history... This is my father-in-law's page.

Helped us register the domain.

Other web sites maintained by Mark Mathu

Mark Mathu's Pages

Trick Photography!
Cheap Trick concert photography.

American Society of Civil Engineers Southeast Branch
Everyone has to earn their beer money somehow -- Mark earns his by being a civil engineer.


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