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Past featured pages of The Mark Mathu Party Page:

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Lizzard's Lounge
It's Party Time! Stop by for a well deserved drink. Visit virtual bars and do a little pub crawling on the web! Need a new drink idea? Come on in and try something new today!

The Bachelor Gourmet
OK, so you're living the cool bachelor life. You have your own pad, a refrigerator with a couple of beers, a carton of milk inside (somewhere), and a stove that you've never used. You'd like to be able to impress a woman with your amazing culinary skills. The only problem is, you don't have any.

A Backseat Biker Bitch's View of the Harley-Davidson 95th Anniversary Reunion

A documentation of the events of Harley-Davidson's 95th Anniversary Party held in Milwaukee last June, as seen from the back seat of a Candy-Apple-Red Sportster 1200, appropriately called the Curley Davidson.

The Search For The Ultimate Mai Tai
The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai has traveled the world to bring you reviews of Mai Tais from near and far.

Bars On Line
Bar information for Chicago, Illinois.

Camp Gumby

Three nights of non-stop partying in central Wisconsin every Memorial Day.  We were only able to stop by briefly this summer -- but plan to be there in 1999 with a tent and a cooler!

Busch Mountains

Home of over 25,000 cans of Busch Beer.


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