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Bus Party (bus 'pär-te) n. - The most fun packed into six blurry hours of kidney jolting, carousing, sight-seeing, history making irresponsibility that you'll ever know in your short  lives. [L. carrus partre]




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Mailing List

Add your name to the mailing list, so you will know the latest Bus Party™ news.

The History

When the first Bus Party™ was thrown is a fact lost to history. Friends indicate that at least one was thrown in the late 1970's at Marquette University by the Sig Eps fraternity.

Drinking & Gambling

Like any good party, there are plenty of these games during a Bus Party™. Some take place on the bus, others in the bar; some can only be played during an event like a Bus Party™. Read up on some of the favorites.

Wapatui Recipe

At long last, the secret recipe of the drink that powers the Bus Party™ has been made public!  Made from a concoction of three boozes and laced with alcohol-soaked fruit.

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Updated September 13, 2014
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