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Here's the German text from   Apparently it's some sort of Milwaukee bar review by a couple of Austrians:

Hier nun einige Lokaltips:
On Campus

The Avalanche...... ähnelt eher einem öffentlichen, ist jedoch sehr gut von Marquettestudenten- Innen besucht; der Grund dafür ist keinem von uns so richtig klar, laut amerikanischen Kommilitonen handelt es sich bei diesem "Loch" um einen Teil amerikanischer Kultur, was immer dass auch sein soll.

Publikum: Marquette-Studenten und Leute, die sich gern auf Mülldeponien herum- treiben

Aufriss: Mit Personen, die in dieser Bar verkehren, möchte wohl kein Mitglied unseres Teams verkehren.

Musik: Rock & Alternative Rock

Leibold, from Franconia, Germany, provided the following translation and commentary of the web page.

The Avalanche...... resembles more of a public shit house/loo, is however well-frequented by Marquette students; while the reason for this is not intellegible to us, according to our American fellow students this "hole" is a part of American culture, [whatever that means].

Crowd: Marquette students and people, who like to hang out on [dammit! I can't think of the word right now - the place where all the trash is dumped]

Summary: Members of our team will probably not want to be in the company of  persons who come here.

Music: Rock & Alternative Rock







  Leibold went on to add his own comments:

So, you're a fan of this place? Then you won't like this report too much. But it was just written by some stupid Austrian - you don't have to take it seriously.


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