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Recent Deaths in the 'Fest Dead Pool:

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2011-2012 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Andy Griffith
June 1, 1926 - July 3, 2012

played 'Sheriff Andy Taylor' and 'Matlock' on TV
Mayberry, R.I.P.

Picked by: Ranchy

Frank Cady
September 8, 1915 - June 8, 2012

actor best known for his recurring and popular role as storekeeper Sam Drucker in three US television series during the 1960s
Not a single word about his death in the Hooterville World Guardian.

Picked by: Web

Dick Clark
November 30, 1929 - April 17, 2012

host of American Bandstand
Buried in a $10,000 pyramid.

Picked by: Pagoo Ranchy

William Henry Harrison 'Tippy' Dye
April 1, 1915 - April 11, 2012

college athletic director
He just made his final score.

Picked by: Nail

Johannes Heesters
December 5, 1903 - December 24, 2011

Dutch actor, singer, and entertainer
Exit, stage down.

Picked by: Hoot Pumpkin

Kim Jong-Il
February 16, 1941 - December 17, 2011

dictator of North Korea
Kim Jong-Dead.

Picked by: Metro Pagoo Web

Harry Morgan
April 10, 1915 - December 7, 2011

played 'Colonel Sherman T. Potter' on M*A*S*H
The obituary you are about to read is true... D*E*A*D

Picked by: C.D. Guido Trent Web

Steve Jobs
February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

co-founder of Apple
Picked by: Trent
Dolores Hope
May 27, 1909 - September 19, 2011

wife of comedian Bob Hope
She married Bob in 1934, adopted four children, became stars for their talents, and both lived to 100+. That is just too great a life story to ruin with an obituary pun.

Picked by: C.D. Guido Pumpkin Trent Web

Eleanor Mondale
January 19, 2960 - September 17, 1960
daughter of Walter Mondale
Off the air.

Picked by: Bjorn Pumpkin

Amy Winehouse
September 14, 1983 - July 23, 2011

They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said "no no no."
Overdosed on crack, her heartbeat went slow slow slow.
Now she's not coming back, that's a fact that we all know, know, know.
Picked by: Metro
Sherwood Schwartz
November 14, 1916 - July 12, 2011

television producer of Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch
His 829,752-hour cruise is over.
Picked by: Hoot

2010-2011 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Betty Ford
April 8, 1918 - July 8, 2011

ex- First lady
Let's raise a toast to her passing.
Picked by: Metro
Jackie Cooper
September 15, 1922 - May 3, 2011

actor, TV director, and TV producer
Great Caesar's Ghost!
Picked by: Ranchy
Osama Bin Laden
March 10, 1957 - May 1, 2011

figurehead of al-Qaeda
Picked by: Ranchy
Liz Taylor
February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky.
Picked by: Metro Spike
Jack LaLanne
September 26, 1914 - January 23, 2011

fitness, exercise and nutritional expert
He ran out of juice.
Picked by: Just Mike
Barbara Billingsley
February 22, 1915 - October 16, 2010

Leave it to Bereaver.
Picked by: Hammer Web
Mitch Miller
July 4, 1911 - July 31, 2010

bandleader and music company executive
His bouncing ball flatlined and now he is conducting the Heavenly Choir.
Picked by: Pumpkin Web
Bob Sheppard
October 12, 1910 - July 11, 2010

stadium announcer for New York's Yankees and Giants
'Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen: In the number one position on the Grim Reaper's line-up card, PA announcer, Bob Sheppard. Sheppard.'
Picked by: Jack

2009-2010 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

John Wooden
October 14, 1910 - June 4, 2010

baseball player and coach
John Wooden passed away. He should have taken the shot instead.
Picked by: Bjorn Metro Nail Trent Web
Art Linkletter
September 17, 1912 - May 26, 2010

host of 'House Party' and 'People Are Funny'
Art no longer imitates life.
Picked by: Bjorn Hammer
Ernie Harwell
January 25, 1918 - May 4, 2010

major league baseball announcer
The Grim Reaper struck him out.
Picked by: Nail
Meinhardt Raabe
September 2, 1915 - April 9, 2010

played the Munchkin coroner in The Wizard of Oz
He's really, most sincerely dead.
Picked by: Hoot
Zelda Rubinstein
January 1, 1936 - January 27, 2010

played the exorcist Tangina in the movie Poltergeist
She died after a short illness.
Picked by: Guido
Miep Gies
February 15, 1909 - January 11, 2010

hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis during World War II
If the 'balloon boy' Falcon Heene had Miep as a protector, the police would still be looking for him.
Picked by: Hoot
Melodie Wilson
January 1, 1950 - November 9, 2009

Milwaukee news reporter
She is now permanently off the air.
Picked by: Web
Patrick Swayze
August 18, 1952 - September 14, 2009

dancer, actor, and songwriter
He's a 'Ghost' now.
Picked by: Audrey CD Guido Hammer Metro Spike The Smile Trent Web
Gertrude Baines
April 6,1894 - September 11, 2009

the world's oldest dead person
An autopsy will be conducted to confirm the cause of death... Why?
Picked by: CD Spike
Ted Kennedy
February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009

US Senator
He's now in an eternal filibuster. Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.
Picked by: Bjorn Metro Pumpkin The Smile Web
Les Paul
June 9, 1915 - August 13, 2009

guitarist, designer of early electric guitars
No Les, no more.
Picked by: Hammer Pumpkin Trent
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
July 10, 1921 - August 11, 2009

member of the Kennedy family
She jumped into the dead pool this time.
Picked by: Hoot
Corazon Aquino
January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009

President of the Philippines
Corazon Aquino = dead Phillipino
Picked by: Web
Henry Allingham
8/6/1896 - July 18, 2009

British World War I veteran
Another very old person has died.. *yawn*
Picked by: Hoot Trent Web
Walter Cronkite
November 4, 1916 - July 17, 2009

the most trusted man in America
And that's the way it is, July 17, 200…. aughhhhh…. (thud).
Picked by: Audrey Bjorn CD Guido Hammer Metro Mohel The Smile Trent Web

2008-2009 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Karl Malden
March 22, 1912 - July 1, 2009

'Lt. Mike Stone' on 'The Streets of San Francisco
He just left home without it.
Picked by: Hammer
Farrah Fawcett
February 2, 1947 - June 25, 2009

star of TVs 'Charlie's Angels'
An Angel went to heaven.
Picked by: Audrey Shyster Jay
Ed McMahon
March 6, 1923 - June 23, 2009

announcer on the Tonight Show
His remains have been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall's front porch since noon today. HHEEYY-OOHH!
Picked by: Dell Guido Shyster Jay
Huey Long
April 25, 1904 - June 10, 2009

singer and musician
He left his spot on music history.
Picked by: Trent
Dom DeLuise
August 1, 1933 - May 5, 2009

comedic actor
He's on his final Cannonball Run.
Picked by: Jack
Bea Arthur
May 13, 1923 - April 25, 2009

actress and comedienne
The entertainment industry has lost one of its golden girls of stage and screen.
Picked by: Guido
Paul Harvey
September 4, 1918 - February 28, 2009

radio commentator on the air forever, now page two...
Now you know the rest of the story.
Picked by: Audrey
Ricardo Montalbán
November 25, 1920 - January 14, 2009

television, theatre and film actor
Buried in a coffin featuring rich Corinthian leather.
Picked by: Jack
Mark Felt
August 17, 1913 - December 19, 2008

agent and top official of the FBI
Six-Feet-Deep Throat.
Picked by: Audrey
Sammy Baugh
March 17, 1914 - December 17, 2008

NFL football player
Old quarterbacks never die, they just pass away.
Picked by: Cigarman
Van Johnson
August 25, 1916 - December 12, 2008

film and television actor
No longer 'tall, blond, and Vansome.'
Picked by: Hammer
Edna Parker
4/20/1893 - November 26, 2008

oldest living American
Wow, what a terribly clever pick… a 115-year-old woman. Audrey, Ham, Spike & Trent really took a chance with that pick.
Picked by: Audrey Ham Spike Trent
Boris Efimov
September 28, 1900 - October 1, 2008

Soviet political cartoonist
He moved from the editorial page to the obituary page.
Picked by: Hoot Trent
Paul Newman
January 26, 1925 - September 26, 2008

He's not dead. He's just failing to communicate.
Picked by: Audrey Jack Trent Web
Tony Snow
June 1, 1955 - July 12, 2008
White House press secretary
When questioned about rumors of his death, Mr. Snow had no comment.
Picked by: Hoot

2007-2008 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Jesse Helms
October 18, 1921 - July 4, 2008
He will be buried six feet down and way to the right.
Picked by: Shecky
Dody Goodman
October 28, 1915 - June 22, 2008
She used to lie about her age -- but not any more!
Picked by: Cigarman
Jim McKay
September 24, 1921 - June 7, 2008
No longer spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of death…
Picked by: Bjorn Nail
Albert Hoffman
January 11, 1906 - April 29, 2008
What a long, strange trip it's been!
Picked by: Trent Web
Charlton Heston
October 4, 1924 - April 5, 2008
Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty grim reaper!'
Picked by: Guido Metro Pumpkin Trent
Richard Widmark
December 26, 1914 - March 24, 2008
He got the kiss of death.
Picked by: Cigarman
Joseph Juran
December 24, 1904 - February 28, 2008
The quality of his life has declined significantly.
Picked by: Hoot
Phyllis A Whitney
September 9, 1903 - February 8, 2008
Her final chapter has been written.
Picked by: Pumpkin Trent
Suzanne Pleshette
January 31, 1937 - January 19, 2008
G'night, Emily...and R.I.P.
Picked by: Trent
Lee Dreyfus
June 20, 1926 - January 2, 2008
The Grim Reaper has chosen his candidate.
Picked by: Guido
Bertha Fry
12/1/1893 - November 14, 2007
Another old person has died.
Picked by: Ham
Joey Bishop
February 3, 1918 - October 17, 2007
He exited the rat race.
Picked by: Cigarman Jack Ranchy
Luciano Pavarotti
October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007
His life has hit a low note.
Picked by: Bjorn Web
Yone Minagawa
January 4, 1893 - August 13, 2007
The world's oldest person has died... once again!
Picked by: Ham
Brooke Astor
March 30, 1902 - August 13, 2007
The Brooke has dried up.
Picked by: Bjorn Hoot Trent Web
Tammy Faye Messner
March 7, 1942 - July 20, 2007
The moment Tammy Faye died, cosmetic company stock prices began a free fall.
Picked by: Trent Whitey
Lady Bird Johnson
December 22, 1912 - July 11, 2007
The former first lady, known for encouraging others to plant wildflowers along highways, is now pushing up daisies herself.
Picked by: Dell Ham Pumpkin Shecky Web
Charles Lane
January 26, 1905 - July 9, 2007
Hollywood found him useful as a character actor, but he was FAR more valuable as a death pool pick.
Picked by: Cigarman Pumpkin Trent Web

2006-2007 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Charles Nelson Reilly
January 13, 1931 - May 25, 2007
He's so dead that the Grim Reaper came and took his [BLANK].
Picked by: Jack
Kitty Carlisle
September 3, 1910 - April 17, 2007
Now starring on the TV game show 'What's My Flatline?'
Picked by: Cigarman
Ernest Gallo
March 18, 1909 - March 6, 2007
His spirit has been crushed.
Carlo Ponti
December 11, 1912 - January 10, 2007
Now doing post-production work.
Picked by: Audrey
Gerald Ford
July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006
He tripped through the pearly gates.
Picked by: Dell Metro Web
Joseph Barbera
March 24, 1911 - December 18, 2006
Yabba Dabba Dead!
Picked by: Cigarman Pumpkin
Augusto Pinochet
November 26, 1915 - December 10, 2006
He overthrew Salvador Allende with the CIA's help; he killed 2,000 people with the Chilean Army's help; he scored in our dead pool with the Grim Reaper's help.
Picked by: Hoot Metro Uncle Toby Web
Red Auerbach
September 20, 1917 - October 28, 2006
Red's game clock counted down to 0:00.
Picked by: Nail
Jane Wyatt
August 12, 1911 - October 20, 2006
Time for Jane's final curtain call.
Picked by: Cigarman
Buck O'Neil
November 13, 1911 - October 6, 2006
Buck's been traded to the Angels.
Picked by: Nail
Byron Nelson
February 14, 1912 - September 26, 2006
Byron sunk a putt in the game of life. Too bad it was his 18th hole.
Picked by: Bjorn Ham Nail Trent
María Capovilla
September 14, 1889 - August 27, 2006
She used to be the world's oldest living person, but then she became the world's newest dead person.
Picked by: Cigarman Metro
Mickey Spillane
March 9, 1918 - July 17, 2006
Now permanently out of print.
Picked by: Pumpkin Trent

2005-2006 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Oleg Cassini
April 11, 1913 - March 17, 2006

Picked by: AudreyTie Man

Don Knotts
July 21, 1924 - February 26, 2006

The actor best known for his TV portrayals of the bumbling Deputy Barney Fife and the leisure suit wearing Mr. Furley, has died of heart and lung complications.  Sing it with me:

Come and knock on our coffin,
We've been waiting for you...
Reba scored with Rosa and Rehnquist, and now him,
Three's Company, too!

Picked by: Reba

William Proxmire
November 11, 1915 - December 15, 2005

The rebel Senator from Wisconsin -- a vocal opponent of wasteful government spending -- has passed away.  I can't imagine he left instructions to have his remains sent into space.
Picked by: Audrey  Bjorn, Ham

Richard Pryor
December 1, 1940 - December 10, 2005

In a business full of funny people, he was one of the funniest. Pryor is dead... Carrot Top is still alive. Proof that there is no God.
Picked by: Bjorn, Ham

Al Lopez
August 20, 2008 - October 20, 2005

Al Lopez, a baseball catcher and manager who led the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox to American League pennants in the 1950s, has died at age 97.  He was the oldest living Baseball Hall of Fame member.
Picked by: Nail, Pumpkin, Tie Man

Rosa Parks
February 4, 1913 - October 24, 2005

She's on that one-way bus ride to Heaven.
Picked by: Bjorn, Reba

Don Adams
April 13, 1923 - September 25, 2005

Don Adams, who played Agent 86 in TV's Get Smart!, as well providing the voice for several memorable cartoon characters, has died from a lung infection. "Go Go Gadget Casket!!"
Picked by: Pumpkin

Simon Wiesenthal
December 31, 1908 - September 20, 2005

May he rest in peace.  He sure didn't let Nazis do that.
Picked by: Hoot

William Rehnquist
January 1, 1924 - September 3, 2005

It's time for his Final Judgment.
Picked by: Ham, Iggy, Reba, Trent and Web

Ted Radcliffe
July 7, 1902 - August 11, 2005

He just struck out in the game of life.
Picked by: Del, Nail, Pumpkin, Trent and Web

Peter Jennings
July 29, 1938 - August 7, 2005

He's dead?  That's news to me.
Picked by: Pumpkin

February 1, 1906 - July 29, 2005

Her signature song "Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup" has been replaced by "Darling, Vous Êtes Mort Beaucoup."
Picked by: Audrey, Hoot and Trent

James Doohan
March 3, 1920 - July 20, 2005

Mr. Scott just set the transporter for six feet under.
Picked by: Trent

2004-2005 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Luther Vandross
April 20, 1951 - July 1, 2005

The R&B crooner who spun romance into hits and won eight Grammy Awards, died from complications following a stroke.  He's dancing with his father again.
Picked by:  Tsunami

Eddie Albert
April 22, 1908 - May 27, 2005
Mr. Haney is probably trying to sell him a used pair of wings about now.
Picked by: Audrey  Hammer  Jack  Ranchy  Reba  Trent  Tsunami  Web
Thurl Ravenscroft
February 6, 1914 - May 22, 2005
"HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's GONE!"
Picked by: Hoot
John Mills
February 22, 1908 - April 23, 2005
Sir John Mills has died of pneumonia at age 97, giving us our fourteenth score of the season.  Now we're all hoping for an encore.
Picked by: Del
Prince Rainier III
May 31, 1923 -  April 6, 2005
The ruler of Monaco has died at age 81...  So first the pope, the head of the smallest state in Europe, dies. Then the head of the second smallest state in Europe dies. If I were the co-prince of Andorra or the prince of Liechtenstein, I'd be afraid... very afraid.
Picked by: Trent
Pope John Paul II
May 18, 1920 - April 2, 2005

His Holiness Pope John Paul II has died at age 84. Ten people had the audacity to pick the head of the Catholic Church and Christ's representative on earth in this year's pool... those ten names would make a good list for next year's pool.
Picked by: Audrey  Bjorn  Metro  Ranchy  Reba  Tie Man  Trent  Tsunami  Web  Zebra

Frank Perdue
May 9, 1920 - April 1, 2005
Frank Perdue, the farmer/businessman who planned to live to 100 by eating chickens, has died at age 84.  Rumors that he died after contracting avian influenza are unconfirmed at this time.
Picked by: Finski
George Kennan
February 16, 1904 - March 18, 2005
The Pulitzer Prize-winner who developed the policy of 'containment' of the Soviet Union is now contained in a coffin.
Picked by: Del
Simone Simon
April 23, 1910 - February 22, 2005

Oh, that Simone was cute. There is nothing sexier than her in Cat People. Woof.
Picked by:  Cigarman

Max Schmeling
September 28, 1905 - February 2, 2005
The former heavyweight champion got a knockout punch from the Grim Reaper.
Picked by:  Cigarman  Nail  Tie Man  Trent
Artie Shaw
May 23, 1910 - December 30, 2004
Artie Shaw, one of the world's great clarinetists and an authority on divorce, has died of natural causes.  His death is instrumental in Cigarman's quest for the 2004-2005 dead pool championship.
Picked by:  Cigarman
Johnny Oates
January 21, 1946 - December 24, 2004
Former Texas Rangers manager Johnny Oates died of a brain tumor.  With his passing, it's a whole new ballgame for Web in this year's pool.
Picked by:  Web
Princess Alice
December 25, 1901 - October 29, 2004
Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester died peacefully in her sleep at Kensington Palace, London.  Alas, poor Alice.
Picked by:  Web   Ranchy
Rodney Dangerfield
November 22, 1922 - October 5, 2004
"I tell ya I get no respect from anyone. I bought a cemetery plot. The guy said, 'There goes the neighborhood!'"
- Rodney Dangerfield
Picked by:  Bjorn  Finski  Guido  Zebra

Julia Child
August 15, 1912 - August 13, 2004

The Lord whisked her away.
Picked by:  Del  Reba
Johnny Ramone
October 8, 1948 - September 15, 2004
The man who gained famed playing "Teenage Lobotomy" is now a middle-aged cadaver.
Picked by:  Reba
Fay Wray
September 15, 1907 - August 8, 2004
Fay Wray, who won everlasting fame for her role in the 1933 film classic "King Kong," has died.  Let's give her a hand.
Picked by:  Cigarman  Del  Hammer  Ranchy  Tie Man  Trent  Tsunami  Web

2003-2004 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Marlon Brando
July 1, 2004
The Dead Pool made him an offer he can't refuse.
Picked by:  Garth  Guido  Jack
Ronald Reagan
June 5, 2004
Former President Ronald Reagan has died at the age of 93.  Let's win one for the Gipper... Aw heck, let's win one for about half of the people in the dead pool.
Picked by:  Audrey  Bjorn  El Segundo  Metro  Ranchy  Sun Dog  T-Bone  Tie Man  Tie Woman  Trent
Estée Lauder
April 24, 2004
The last independent titan of cosmetics has died at age 97.  Estee Lauder looked great, but the best contribution her products made to her appearance was the money it brought her.
Picked by:  Audrey  
Jack Paar
January 27, 2004
Former 'Tonight Show' host Jack Paar has died at age 85 after a long illness.  I kid you not.
Picked by:  T-Bone
Bob Keeshan
January 23, 2004
No more Captain Kangaroo! When I heard the news, it struck me like a million ping-pong balls falling on my head.  Maybe he'll get a posthumous promotion to at least Admiral Kangaroo.
Picked by:  Guido
Penny Singleton
November 12, 2003
The voice of Jane Jetson and the actress who brought the popular comic strip character Blondie to life in films, died two weeks after suffering a stroke, at the age of 95.
Picked by:  Cigarman
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
October 23, 2003
The widow of the Nationalist Chinese president died at age 105.
Picked by:  Del  Ham  Hoot  Web
Jack Elam
October 20, 2003

Who would have thought that a goggle-eyed, seemingly crippled unshaved alcoholic vagrant gunslinging henchman would outlive all them good guys?  He might have made it, but the ambulance that picked him up had to drive cross-country before going to the hospital.
Picked by:  Sun Dog

Donald O’Connor
September 27, 2003
Actor Donald O’Connor, who won lasting fame for his “Make ’Em Laugh” dance number in Singin’ in the Rain that saw him running up walls, has died at the age of 78. He also starred in six movies with Francis the Talking Mule. Rumor has it he died from embarrassment for being in those movies.
Picked by: T-Bone
Johnny Cash
September 12, 2003

Cash died early Friday of complications from diabetes.
Picked by: Tie Man, Tie Woman, Trent

Chappie Fox
September 12, 2003

Charles P. 'Chappie' Fox was one of the world's foremost authorities on all-things-circus. He developed the Circus World Museum in Baraboo and brought the Great Circus Parade to Milwaukee.
Picked by: Audrey

Leni Riefenstahl
September 8, 2003

German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl has died at age 101.  She maintained to her death that her Nazi era films "Triumph of the Will" and "Olympia" were not propaganda -- which is what any good propagandist would do.
Picked by:  Hoot

Warren Zevon
September 7, 2003

The author of such songs as "Life'll Kill Ya," "Wanted Dead Or Alive" and "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" can now write with authority on the subject.
Picked by:  Sun Dog  Web

Patrick Dennehy
In one of the most controversial deaths in dead pool history, medical examiners identified a body found in chest-high weeds near Waco, Texas as that of Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy, who had been missing since June 19.  Does his death count in the 2003-2004 pool?  The commissioner says "Yes!"  Guido says "Yes!"  Trent says "No!"
Picked by: Guido
Bob Hope
July 27, 2003

In one of the most anticipated events in dead pool history, Bob Hope has gone on the road again, this time to heaven.  Thanks for the Memory, Bob.
Picked by: Audrey  Bjorn  Del   El Segundo  Garth  Ham  Metro  Ranchy  Sun Dog  Tie Man  Tie Woman Trent  Web 

Buddy Ebsen
July 6, 2003
Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named 'Jed,'
One of the picks in our pool of the dead.
We put him on our list for the upcoming year,
Little did we know -- he's already outta here!

Dead that is... cold stiff... pushing daisies.

Well the next thing you know ol' Hoot paid the pot,
All the 'festers shouted out: "Is that fair? -- not!"
They said "It's time to get our money back from Trent,"
So they loaded up their cars and off to Webb's they went.

George that is... omelets... hamburgers...
Picked by: Bjorn  Del  El Segundo  Ranchy  Web

2002-2003 'Fest Dead Pool Deaths

Buddy Hackett
June 30, 2003
The comedian who appeared in nightclubs, on Broadway and in movies has died at the age of 78. Who's laughing now?
Picked by Finski
Kate Hepburn
June 29, 2003
The star of the silver screen died of natural causes. Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner Any More?
Picked by  Audrey  Bjorn  Habib  Perkie  Ranchy  Trent  Web
Strom Thurmond
June 26, 2003
The former US senator, a fiery one time segregationist who spent nearly half a century in Congress, has died at the age of 100.  I wonder how many Senators had him in their dead pools?
Picked by: Audrey  Buju  Coop  Habib  Ham  Perkie  Web
David Brinkley
June 11, 2003
Legendary television newsman David Brinkley, half of "The Huntley-Brinkley Report," died at his home from complications from a fall.  "Good night, Chet," "Good bye, David."
Picked by: Trent

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