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Fifteen bus parties, fifteen wild trips!  Read details of the parties below.  If you have a favorite memory from a past Bus Party™, e-mail me!

Top Secret Spy Party

The first Bus Party™ was held November 20, 1982. It was a surprise birthday party for Greg Swann and me.

Everyone met at the Varsity Theatre at 6:00 pm and the last stop was Topps to see the band Druthers. I can kind of remember going to The Safe House and the Y-Not II on this one.


Magic Bus Party

The second Bus Party was held April 22, 1983.

The stops were:

  • Our Apartment, 1504 W Kilbourn #D. The party started with a happy hour for all Bus Party™ patrons in our home.
  • Saz's State House, 5539 W State St
  • The First Connection, 7645 W Fond du Lac Av
  • The Silver Spring House, 6655 N Green Bay Rd
  • Hooligan's Super Bar, 2017 E North Av
  • The Red Carpet Inn, 4747 S Howell Av
  • Sneft's Tavern, 10258 W Forest Home Av. We randomly chose this bar from a phone book. This bar wound up costing me a trip to Marquette's  Office OF Residence Life's discipline board.
  • Derry's Bar, 5328 W Bluemound Rd
  • National Liquor Bar, 2605 W National Av
  • Back to the Avalanche Bar and Real Chili!


Buscapade III

Held October 8, 1983.

* The National Liquor Bar was listed in the "official" schedule, but it was closed for the night by the time we arrived, so the bus took us over to the Cactus Club instead.


Generic Bus Party

Held February 18, 1984. Everyone on the bus wore only black and white clothes.

  • The Avalanche Bar, 1504 W Wells St
  • Red Carpet Leisure Industries, 4747 S Howell Av
  • National Liquor Bar, 2605 W National Av
  • Port of Europe
  • Beer Barons
  • International Exports Ltd., 779 N Front St
  • O'Paget's Speakeasy, 1212 W State St


Graduation Bus Party

This one was held on May 24, 1985 to celebrate my completion of graduate school. If only I'd spent a little more time on the thesis instead of the Bus Party™!

The party saw the start of a large contingency of Chicago friends coming up for the annual bus parties.


Another Bus Party

Held January 10, 1987.

We held this party in honor of Ruby Tuomi's birthday! Ruby was Matt's girlfriend, now she's his wife!

Although it started at the Avalanche Bar, we made the wapatui at a friend's house and stopped to pick it up on the way to the first bar.

  • Avalanche Bar, 1504 W Wells St
  • Landmark Lanes, 2220 N Farwell Av
  • The Next Best Thing, 5300 W Villard Av
  • Tomter's Inn
  • Winchester's, 5900 W National Av
  • B.B. Rubbles, 5614 W Forest Home Av
  • Port of Europe, 6500 W National Av
  • Back to the 'Lanche and Real Chili!


Bus Trek '88

Held in June, the only summertime Bus Party™.  This will best be remembered as the party with the double deck bus.


Bus Party

Calvin and Hobbes do a 	beer bongHow much more of a generic title can you get?  This one was held January 28, 1989.

The stops for this Bus Party™ were:


The Ultimate Sports Bus

Held October 28, 1989, which just happened to be Mathu's "golden" birthday -- 28 years old on the 28th of the month, and a Saturday to boot!.  Each bar we stopped at had a sports theme" to it.

The stops were:

  • The Gym Bar, 1615 West Wells Street
  • Red Carpet Bowlero, 5726 S 27th St
  • Barnacle Bud's, 1955 S Hilbert St
  • Soccer USA, 4050 N Port Washington St (most of us went to the "Bar Across The Street")
  • Tijuana Yacht Club, 8851 N 76th St.
  • Scores Plus, 15094 W Appleton Av
  • Fourth Base, 5117 W National Av
  • Major Goolsbys Inc., 340 W Kilbourn Av
  • Luke's Sports Spectacular, 1125 N Water St
  • Back to the Gym Bar and Real Chili!


Operation: Tavern Shield

Held November 3, 1990. This took place during "Operation Desert Shield" and was just a tasteless chance for the Bus Party™ to cash in on an international crisis.

  • The Avalanche Bar, 1504 W Wells St
  • Bradford Beach Club
  • The Port of Hamburg
  • Chump's Rusty Bucket, 700 S Second St
  • The Hayloft
  • Club Bagdad*, 3776 East Layton Av
  • Amelia's, 724 E Layton Av
  • Safe House, 779 N Front St

* Someone was having a bridal shower or bachelor party or something like that at Club Bagdad that night. They had a spread of food out. What a big mistake that was. What we couldn't eat, we took on the bus for later consumption.


Ballroom Blitz!

Held October 26, 1991. The stops were:

  • The Avalanche Bar, Wells & 15th
  • Soccer USA, Port Washington & Capitol
  • The Chancery, State & 76th
  • Rooters Niteclub, Red Carpet Lanes, Northview Drive in Waukesha
  • Trysting Place Pub, Appleton & Good Hope
  • Brew City BBQ, Water & Juneau
  • Kenny's Sail & Rail, National & Water
  • Turner Hall, 4th & Wells We got there too late and they weren't open so we went to Thoma's on Wells & 23rd instead.
  • Back to the Avalanche Bar and Real Chili!


The Shakedown Cruise!

Held October 10, 1992. The theme was a trip around the world.

The stops were:

  • The Avalanche Bar, Wells & 15th (United States)
  • Louie's Chinese Tavern, National & 1st (China)
  • Von Trier, Farwell & North (Germany)
  • Cape of Good Hope, 43rd & Good Hope (South Africa)
  • Nash's Irish Castle, Lincoln & 13th (Ireland) We weren't allowed to leave until we returned all the stuff we took from that bar.
  • Romine's High Pockets, 27th & College (Mexico)
  • Erv's Mug, Ryan & Howell (United Nations)
  • Safe House, Front & Wells (Russia)
  • Back to the Avalanche Bar and Real Chili!


Spirits In The Night!

Held October 30, 1993.

The stops were:

  • The Gym Bar, 717 N 16th St
  • Speakeasy, 600 W Brown Deer Rd
  • Backstage, 810 S 2nd St
  • Barnacle Bud's, 1955 S Hilbert St
  • CW's First Score, 7246 W Greenfield Av
  • Kelly's Bleachers, 5218 W Bluemound Rd
  • Kaspers, 604 S 64th St
  • Jo-Cat's Pub, 1311 E Brady St.
  • The Avalanche Bar and Real Chili!


The Bus That Made Milwaukee Famous

After a five-year hiatus, the Bus Party™ roared back into Milwaukee on October 31, 1998!

The stops were

  • The Gym Bar, 717 N 16th St.
  • Y Not II, 706 E. Lyon St. (8:20-8:45)
  • Irish Spring House, 1849 S. Calhoun Rd. (9:20-9:45)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 2635 N. Mayfair Rd. (10:20-10:50)
  • Steny's Tavern, 800 S. Second St. (11:20-12:05)
  • Vitucci's Cocktail Lounge, 1832 E. North Ave. (12:25-12:55)
  • Safe House, 779 N Front St. (1:15-1:45)
  • Back to the Gym Bar and Real Chili!

Mission to Bars

January 24, 2004

  • Murphy's Pub, 1613 W. Wells Street
  • Planet Marky, 3585 S. Howell Avenue (8:20 - 8:45)
  • South Shore Inn, 5483 S. Lake Drive (9:05 - 9:30)
  • Koz's Mini Bowl, 2078 S. 7th Street (9:45 - 10:20)
  • Friday's Front Row, One Brewers Way (10:40 - 11:05)
  • Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill, 1721 W. Canal Street (11:25 - 11:55)
  • Bradford Beach Club, 2022 E. North Avenue (12:15 a.m. - 12:55)
  • International Exports Ltd., 779 N. Front Street (1:10 - 1:40)
  • Back to Murphy's Pub and Real Chili!

Do you have a favorite Bus Party™ memory?  Well let's hear it!  Add it to the Guest Book.

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